The Sex Test: Are you positive?

In searching for like-minded lushes on the blogosphere, I stumbled across a wonderful article from The Frisky that I felt it was necessary to share: 8 Ways to Be Positive You’re Sex Positive. The article addresses some of the ways all of us might be misusing the phrase “sex-positive”… and as someone who uses it to describe my attitudes about sex, I worry that people misinterpret me or get the wrong idea about what it means to say “Yes, I am sex-positive.” So while not only is this particular article helpful in providing a definition and a bit of education, but the article also paves the way for clearer understanding–at least as concerns my future ramblings and lush stories.

Basically, “sex-positive” describes those who believe all consensual forms of sexuality are healthy. Those who call themselves sex-positive typically advocate for sex education and safer sex, and its not uncommon for many to support feminism (or be a feminist). And yes, sex-positive individuals may tend to explore more and experiment with their sexuality. But, as I mentioned above, it can also be misleading or used in the wrong context to describe behavior or tools that create toxic attitudes toward sexuality. What I find most interesting, but incredibly complicated, is that the term has been attacked because its use devalues people who do not identify with sex whatsoever: asexuals, graysexuals, or any other individual who experiences sex as undesirable or non-consensual.

Anyways, I hope you’ll read The Frisky article because it’s short, sweet, and direct.  I read it and realized that I was guilty of misguided notions myself, primarily point number 7!  I definitely struggle with being open-minded about what pleases others sexually because, well, some things I would never do; it’s hard to cognitively leap from my distaste to another’s gratification. But the first step in removing some of that judgmental thinking is becoming aware of it, so I hope you dear readers will also do some self-evaluation to see if you can become truly sex-positive, too.

That’s all for now, little lushes.

Stay classy,

The Blushing Lush

P.S. Do check out the article’s author, Rachel Rabbit White! Her Tumblr is incredible and a wealth of amazing photos, notes, and links to her published articles.


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