Gallery launched!

Hello lovelies! I decided to launch a new feature on this here blog, as I do so love to experiment during wee hours of the night. See that sidebar over there on the right with all the links and stuff? Beneath a list of the blogs I follow (which are all quite marvelous, I must add), I’ve added a photo gallery. I hope all y’all good readers of the Internets will check it out and get a sense of how this lush plays, drinks, and generally bandies about town.

I like to take photos of the things I do and see from time to time–my city is nothing if not alive, so there may be something to that whole “Sleepless” thing.

Here’s a little preview:

Seattle, WA, The Baltic Room, Drag Queen

Classy dames in dresses

Objectified flannel n' tits

The blushing lush herself, in flannel (what else?)

I plan to put up several more photos over the course of the month, pulling from my archived photos and adding new images as adventures unfold.

Until next time,

The Blushing Lush


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